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Girasol Faja

$70 $162
Shaping girdle with a special design. Ergonomic bones around the waist in spiral shape that adjusts perfectly to the body giving an hourglass figure covering the area between the chest and the hips. This shapewear bodysuit can be used either as an everyday shaper or as a postpartum girdle after pregnancy or C Section girdle. Can also be worn in the stage #2 of a liposuction as a compression garment to help in the recovery process as a post surgery girdle.

✔ Reduces waist, abdomen, hip, legs, back and arm area measurements.

✔ Easy washing, perfect fit, anti-allergic. Also made with Aloe Vera microcapsules.

✔ Made with technology for high durability and invisible effect under clothing.

✔ Smooth closure system that that protects skin after surgical procedure

Table of Measures 

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